Driving Sustainability.        Building Resilience. Together.

Sustainable Futures is a sustainability and climate consulting firm founded in London, United Kingdom. We have been helping organisations navigate their sustainability and climate challenges since 2014. 

What we do


Today, sustainability should be an integral part of developing any organisational strategy. Sustainability requires organizations to transform every division of their business and we are here to help you on that journey.


Understanding and mitigating sustainability risks before they happen is key to building resilience. But persuading people to take risks seriously is extremely difficult. We help you to make the business case and identify options for action.


In order to communicate sustainability, you must first do sustainability. It’s okay if something is in progress and if you are serious about it then we can help you work on how to successfully measure, report and communicate sustainability to your stakeholders.

How we work




Working with us involves going on a breakthrough journey of exploration, discovery and growth – both external and internal. We don’t bring a “team of consultants” to give you the answers. We spent time empathising with your pain points and making full use of your internal resources and assets, which we upgrade and upscale along the way, during a learning journey where we reframe the problems and find solutions together. Our promise to you is to meet you where you are – and work with what is to support in developing successful strategies and sustainable solutions. Over the years, we have been entrusted by a variety of public and private clients with supporting them on some of their most important sustainability assignments and change initiatives.

Who we are

We bring together a diverse and global team of associates that help clients with their sustainability challenges. We pride ourselves in our ability to grasp the specifics of a particular context, with its own history, drivers, values and multi-actor dynamics, and to look at it from different angles and perspectives. We bring a unique combination of skills and T-shaped profiles including strategy, innovation and management, combined with solid technical knowledge and depth in environmental issues. We are comfortable with uncertainty and ask probing and catalytic questions. We zoom in and out between the relevant detail and the bigger landscape.

Core Team

Maia Rossi

Maia is an associate director with Sustainable Futures, a sustainability professional with extensive technical expertise and an entrepreneurial background. She leads Sustainable Futures work on ESG, Stakeholder Engagement and Reporting and Climate Risk. She loves to support businesses in finding innovative sustainable solutions that help them thrive in a fast changing environment. She is a certified 14001 and 9001 Auditor and a specialist in IFC Performance Standards and ESG.

Yiannis Chrysostomidis

Yiannis Chrysostomidis is the founder and director of Sustainable Futures. He is a sustainability and climate change consultant and facilitator with 20 years of experience in climate change, sustainability strategy, innovation and resilience. Yiannis has worked with governments, MFIs, donors, agencies and Fortune 500 and FTSE100 clients in areas such as strategy and climate scenarios, climate risk, vulnerability and resilience and adaptation.

Jessica Vandal

Jessica is a Project lead at Sustainable Futures. She is an environmental engineer and sustainability professional, with more than 5 years of experience in environmental management and auditing, ESG and sustainability strategy & reporting, carbon accounting and project management.

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